Puppy Training – One To One Sessions

What will your puppy learn?

It’s up to you! I can teach you and your puppy as much as you’d like to learn. And because its 1:1 we have time to practice getting your puppy ‘fluent’ in his training. Training topics include:
  • Basic commands – sit, down, stand, wait/stay
  • How to say ‘please’
  • Walking nicely on lead
  • Greeting people politely (no jumping!)
  • Recall: Coming (quickly) when called
  • How to settle
  • How to ‘leave’ certain objects
  • Playing politely – giving up toys/games on cue
  • Being comfortable being handled (for the vet or grooming)
  • Accepting people near the food bowl
  • Sociability – being comfortable with people, children, other dogs


Your well trained puppy becomes a pleasure to have around and is welcomed anywhere! And you’ll have an insight into ‘talking dog’!

You’ll understand how to give your puppy clear, consistent messages. Your puppy will understand what’s expected of him and ‘choose’ to do the right thing; whether that’s coming to you when you call, or greeting guests politely. This concept of ‘choice’ is important. When you have a ‘thinking’ pup, you spend less time directing him and more time enjoying your relationship together. When your puppy makes these choices, he’ll make you proud!