Personalised Training

1:1 dog training sessions mean we tailor things precisely for your dog.  Importantly, it also means your dog is trained in ‘real life’ situations – eg at your home, the park … the pub!  And because it’s 1:1, you can ask as many questions as you like.  Think of me as your Personal Trainer – and enjoy better results with your dog.  (Rest assured Joyful Dogs only use kind, positive reinforcement techniques).

To change your dog’s behaviour, you’ll need to change your own behaviour too!

My Dog Needs Help With …

  • Emerging from Lockdown! Social skills training.
  • Recall – voice or whistle.  Get your dog racing to you when you ask
  • Jumping Up
  • Lead walking – so your arm stays in its socket!
  • Retrieve – Fetch  & Drop an object
  • Barking
  • Resource Guarding
  • Stop ‘Stealing’ things!
  • Focus – how to listen to you
  • Calming down.
  • Distractions – joggers, bikes, livestock
  • Socialization – people, children, dogs, other animals
  • Separation Anxiety – learning to be happy home alone

Did You Know?

Giving your dog’s brain a work-out is as important as keeping him physically fit?   Brain work is tiring for dogs – so a few mins of brain games, means an easier dog at home.  For example we could teach your dog to:

  • Bring the mail to you      resource guarding
  • Tidy toys away
  • Scentwork games
  • And lots more!

The Result?

You feel proud!

Your well trained dog is a joy to be with and welcomed anywhere.  Interestingly, those who do regular training with their dogs tend to have calmer dogs.


  • £50 (up to 60 mins)
  • £60 (up to 75 mins, weekdays)
  • £60 (up to 60 mins, weekend rate)

Prices based on a travel distance within 4 miles of GL50 2UQ.  Additional miles charged at 50p per mile plus time-charge.

consultHow To Book:

Please complete the online Consultation form

We will reply within 48hrs.  If you haven’t heard back, by then, check your ‘Junk’ – it might be lurking there!