Personalised training for your dog!

1:1 training sessions means we can tailor things precisely to your dog’s needs. Importantly, it also means your dog can be trained in ‘real life’ situations for example in your home or where you walk.  And because it’s 1:1, you can ask as many questions as you like!  1:1 sessions are like having a personal trainer – you’ll see faster results. Rest assured Joyful Dogs only uses kind, positive reinforcement techniques.


Common training topics I can help you with:

  • Building a really reliable recall – overcoming ‘selective hearing’
  • Polite greetings (no jumping!) – with people or children; greeting other dogs calmly.
  • Loose lead walking – so your arm isn’t wrenched out of its socket!
  • Learning to retrieve – overcoming the flyby!
  • How to ‘leave’ objects.
  • Confidence & resilience – being able to ‘cope’ in new situations eg at the vets, groomers, or being home alone.
  • Keeping focus amid distractions – ensuring your dog can ‘listen’ to you, irrespective of what else is happening.
  • Impulse control – teaching your dog how to manage his excitement and ‘choose’ to do the right thing, whatever that may be.

Teach your dog new tricks?

Giving your dog new things to learn is a good way to channel his energy … and keep him out of mischief!  Did you know that giving your dog mental exercise can be just as tiring as a long walk?   And a well exercised dog = an easier dog to have around.  I can show you how to teach your dog all sorts of new tricks like how to:

  • Pick up the mail
  • Tidy the toys away
  • Take a bow
  • ‘Sit Pretty’
  • Basket ball
  • We can even get your dog jumping through hoops for you (literally) if you’d like!


A well trained dog gives you freedom!

Because a well trained dog is a joy to be with and welcomed anywhere.  Interestingly, people who do regular training with their dogs tend to have calmer, more contented dogs in everyday life.



  • Single 1 hr training session – £40
  • Package of 4 x 1 hr training sessions – £150 (saving of £10)
  • Package of 6 x 1 hr training sessions – £225 (saving of £15)
  • Package of 8 x 1 hr training sessions – £300 (saving of £20)

Prices are based on a travel distance of 8 miles from Tivoli, Cheltenham GL50 2UQ.  Additional miles charged at 45p per mile. 

consultConsultation Form & How To Book:

Please click here for the online Consultation form.  Once I have your form, I’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.  If you haven’t had a reply within 24hrs, please check your ‘junk’ folder or call 07717 89 44 14.