Personalised Training

1:1 dog training sessions mean we tailor things precisely for your dog.  Importantly, it also means your dog is trained in ‘real life’ situations – eg at your home, the park … the pub!  And because it’s 1:1, you can ask as many questions as you like.  Think of me as your Personal Trainer – and enjoy better results with your dog.  (Rest assured Joyful Dogs only use kind, positive reinforcement techniques).

My Dog Needs Help With …

  • Recall – overcoming ‘selective hearing’
  • Polite greetings (no jumping)
  • Lead walking – so your arm stays in its socket
  • Retrieve – fetch an object
  • How to ‘Leave’ objects
  • Calm – at the vets, groomers, at home
  • Focus amid distractions
  • Impulse control – teach your dog to make ‘good choices’
  • Separation issues – learning to be happy home alone
  • Brain games – helps all dogs; those on restricted exercise, post-operation recovery

Did You Know?

Giving your dog’s brain a work-out is as important as keeping him physically fit?   Brain work is tiring for dogs – so a few mins of brain games, means you’ll have an easier dog at home.  Learn how to teach your dog to:

  • Bring the mail to you      dog trainer cheltenham
  • Fetch your slippers, keys etc
  • Tidy toys away
  • Put out the recycling
  • And lots more!

The Result?

You feel proud!  Your well trained dog is a joy – and welcomed anywhere.  Interestingly, those who do regular training with their dogs tend to have calmer dogs.


  • £50 (up to 60 mins)
  • £60 (up to 75 mins, weekdays)
  • £60 (up to 60 mins, Sunday rate)

Prices based on a travel distance within 4 miles of GL50 2UQ.  Additional miles charged at 50p per mile plus time-charge.

consultHow To Book:

Please complete the online Consultation form

We will reply within 48hrs.  If you haven’t heard back, by then, check your ‘Junk’ – it might be lurking there!