About Joy Knowles

I grew up in the rolling hills of Lancashire’s ‘Ribble Valley’ – you’ll probably notice a slight Northern twang! After my degree I worked in London for 16 years as a Recruiting/HR Manager.  However, in 2014, I was lucky enough to be able to change my career completely and follow my real passion – dogs!  Now I help other people train their dogs so they have a dog who’s beeeautifully behaved and welcomed anywhere; a dog they feel proud of.

For the love of dog!

My fascination with dogs started with “Boozie,” my first Border Collie (shown top left), and continues with my current dog “Gerry” (top right). Both dogs have huge hearts and will always have a very special place in mine.  So I understand exactly how important your dog is to you.

Helping you ‘talk dog’!

Dogs don’t come with instructions, they don’t even speak our language. But they are intelligent, willing partners – if we give them clear, consistent messages. Like any partnership, dog training requires understanding and effective communication. My job is to help you ‘talk dog’ so that training becomes a joyful partnership.

You’ll love the results …

Let’s face it – we learn best when we enjoy what we do!  So, to ensure you and your dog enjoy training together, I use positive reinforcement training methods.  That means lots of games, rewards and praise. You’ll have fun training your dog and importantly, you’ll love the results!



For your peace of mind…

My credentials:

  • BA Hons Politics & Psychology (2:1) – 1998
  • Office Manager & Recruiting Manager, London,  1998 – 2014
  • Professional Dog Trainer – 2015 to Present
  • Full Member of PPG  Pet Professional Guild 
  • Supporting Member of IAABC, International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants     

     IAABC International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants


Professional Development:

  • Talk Dog Certificate – Sarah Whitehead 2014
  • Signs Of Preemptive Aggression – Sarah Whitehead 2014
  • Certificate in Canine Behaviour – Sarah Whitehead 2014
  • The Trust Technique – James French & Shelley Slingo, 2014
  • Animal Healing Practical Workshop – Liz Whiter, 2014
  • Canine Communication Masterclass – Sarah Whitehead & Stella Bagshaw, 2015
  • APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) – Level 3 Certificate, 2015
  • Tomorrow’s Trainer – Kay Laurence 2015
  • Scent Work Level 1 – Talking Dogs/Pam McKinnon 2015
  • Clicker Expo – 2015
  • Happy Recallers – IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) 2016
  • Play & Recall – Kay Laurence 2016
  • Play Master – Kay Laurence 2017
  • Tracking Workshop – Level 1 & 2 – 2017
  • Canine Aggression & Puppy Play – Chirag Patel Seminar, 2017
  • Canine Separation Anxiety Seminar – Professor Daniel Mills, 2017
  • The Border Collie Workshop – Kay Laurence, 2017
  • Dog Tricks & Heel Work To Music – Kim Lyddon, 2017
  • Managing & Modifying Canine Behaviour Problems – Chirag Patel 2018
  • Puppy Training Instructors Course, Chirag Patel, Aug 2018
  • Behaviour Clinic, Chirag Patel, Oct 2018
  • Errorless Learning, Susan Friedman, 2019
  • LLA 8 Week Certified course, Susan Friedman 2019
  • Instructors Refresher course, Chirag Patel & Sarah Fisher 2019
  • ACE (Animal Centred Education) “Freework & Bodywork” (For Dogs), Sarah Fisher, Tilly Farm 2020


Love learning!

To ensure I give you the most up to date and effective training, I attend regular training myself. Like any other field, dog training is constantly evolving; by honing my skills, I can help you develop yours.


Your dog’s in safe hands

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