Dog training GL50

Trickmeister: Your Dog, New Tricks?



skate-board-dogDazzle your family and friends, teach your dog some cool new tricks!


A fantastic dog trick training workshop that’s oodles of fun and a superb way to improve your dog’s focus.  And as better focus gives you better control, trick training can be a fun route to better doggie manners … plus it looks kinda cool!


Details & How To Book:

  • Wed 13 Dec 2016, 6.30pm @ Guiting Power Village Hall, Church Lane GL54 5TX
  • £20 per dog (includes 2 handler places)
  • To book email or call 07717 89 44 14
  • Course is suitable for dogs and puppies over 6 months


Tricks will include:

  • Paw, High Five, Wave
  • Take A Bow
  • Leg Weaves
  • Doggie Pirouettes
  • Sit Pretty & Beg