Come Back Fido! Recall Masterclass


dog-running-squareThis workshop is all about teaching your dog a reliable recall.  

Walking with your dog should be a relaxing way to spend an hour or two … but if your dog doesn’t come when you call, then walks can become stressful rather than stress free.  This workshop gives you games and techniques to help you build a reliable recall with your dog.  You’ll learn how to transform your dog’s perception of ‘recall’ so that running to you on cue becomes a choice your dog makes readily.


The Games:

  • Bowl & Recall – This natty little game tunes directly into your dog’s chase drive.  It turns the concept of recall on its head and makes racing back to you an exciting game.  You’ll learn how to play the game and how to adapt it to different situations for your dog.
  • Leave to Receive –  From your dog’s point of view, a traditional recall usually means ‘giving up’ something they’re enjoying eg following a scent, greeting another dog – to come to us.  Your dog is making a choice – and not always the ‘right’ one!  This game helps you teach your dog that giving up ‘that’ thing means ‘receiving this thing’.
  • Leg Weave Recall – running and searching are powerful motivators for your dog because they are intrinsically rewarding.  This super game pairs those activities with a recall cue so that your dog comes racing back to you.
  • It’s All About Delivery! – Often we ‘reward’ our dogs by thrusting treats at their faces but is that the most ‘rewarding’ style of delivery?  We’ll look at different methods of delivery and why they make a difference to your training.


Details & How to Book:

To book this ONE DAY workshop, email or call 07717 89 44 14

The workshop is £50 per dog; starting 10am and finishing 4.30pm.  Tea and coffee will be provided but please bring your own lunch.

Please bring 2 of your dog’s favourite toys plus oodles of smelly food!

Places are strictly limited to 6 dogs.

Next workshop: Date to be confirmed