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Training your dog is really about teaching him or her to make the ‘right’ choices in life.  The term ‘Choice Architect’ was coined by Behavioural Economists, the bods who analyse how to arrange products on supermarket shelves to influence what you and I buy.  But the concept applies equally well to how you can train…(Read More)

Ask just about anyone and they’ll tell you to “socialise” your puppy.”   But what does that mean?  Socialisation is a deceptively simple concept and it means different things to different folks.  Plus, some of the ‘socialisation classes’ out there often end up creating the very problems they aimed to prevent. What Makes A Good…(Read More)

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Most people think that ‘recall’ is about training your fur-ball to run to you; its NOT.  Your dog already knows how to do that!  Recall is really about persuading your dog to ‘give up’ something they are enjoying (eg sniffing the bushes, chasing around with other dogs) – in order to come to you.  So…(Read More)

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Does your dog run off with the remote or your slippers?   Do you wonder why?  Wish you could get Fido to ‘give up’ the ‘stolen’ items? Here are a a few handy tricks to help you do just that! Consider WHY your dog is ‘stealing’ items. I put ‘stealing’ in inverted commas because its…(Read More)

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Humans are verbal beings; we use words to communicate our thoughts.  And we use the word “NO!” to indicate we want a behaviour to stop.  For example: The dog is jumping up at someone – NO! The dog is about to take food off the counter – NO!  Since many dogs stop in their tracks when…(Read More)

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But how?  As a Trainer, I often get asked for help to improve a dog’s behaviour. Whatever you’re trying to teach your dog – from lead walking to recall – the foundation skill is getting your dog to focus on you … and then to keep their focus with you, which can be tricky! Speaking…(Read More)

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How is it that dogs just seem to ‘know’ when their human is returning?  Is it a sixth sense? In her brilliant book “Being A Dog” Alexandra Horowitz suggests that it is indeed a sense … a kind of scent-sense!  And, she believes that two forces are at play: The distinctness of our individual smell…(Read More)

Have you ever watched a dog owner in the park saying to her dog (with increasing angst): “Fido Sit;  Sit Fido; SIT … SIT … SIIIIIITTT! ” The owner repeats the word ‘sit’ endlessly and the dog simply seems to ignore it.  But is that what’s really happening?  Is the dog being ignorant or ‘stubborn’ or…(Read More)

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Let me start by asking you a question… Have you ever moved house and found yourself opening the (new) kitchen cupboard only to remember the plates (or whatever you’re looking for) don’t ‘live’ there?  Frustrating right? And how long did it take you to master going to the new spot? – Be honest now…(Read More)