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Fresh, whole foods – provide valuable nutrition to your pet and serve as a tasty snack/treat. Small bites of cheese, ham, chicken work well.As do raw almonds and cashews (for bigger dogs) and raw sunflower seeds (for smaller dogs). homemade dog treats by Gemma Organic fruits and veg…(Read More)

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These Games Are Better!   What games do you play with your dog when you’re in the park or on a walk? Dogs are said to be ‘gods of frolic’ because they love playing games!  But they love it even more when they can make choices about how to play. Let me explain:  Most…(Read More)

“When we are training our dogs we can often stay in our comfort zone, doing the things our dogs are already good at. Sometimes this is looked upon as showing off, but I think it’s often more a fear of failure.  Becoming skilled at something feels great and it takes guts to go back…(Read More)

Fitting in time to train your dog or puppy can be challenging – we all have busy lives.  So here’s a tip to save you time and give Fido the training he needs:  Simply turn your dog’s mealtimes into “Training Time!” 4 Reasons Why Meal Times Make Great Training Opportunities Meals last longer! Putting…(Read More)

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Lots of people now train their dog or puppy using positive reinforcement – hurrah!  – and food tends to be our go-to item.  However, there is much confusion about the difference between the terms  ‘treat’,  ‘reward’ and ‘reinforcement’.   So, what is the difference?  Does it matter?  And can it affect the results you achieve with…(Read More)

Question: What might the following dog movements have in common? Ears back, lip licking, yawning, head turns, paw lift, backing away. Answer: They are all behaviours that dogs use to ‘communicate’. If some or all of the above behaviours are happening together, your dog may be telling you he isn’t comfortable in a situation…(Read More)

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Do certain things in your dog’s environment cause him to become over-excited, frustrated or anxious?  Do you struggle to get Fido’s attention? Teaching your dog to “bounce” can help change his emotional and behavioural response to triggers, and instead to calmly focus on you. Now doesn’t that sound like a more…(Read More)

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Dogs put their noses to work every second of the day but this can be troubling to humans – particularly when dogs sniff places and things we consider taboo, like private parts – canine or human!  Dogs also like to sniff pee and poop … and all sorts of other stinky stuff.  But its more…(Read More)

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Teaching your dog to focus on you is the mother of all behaviours.  You need that before you can teach anything else, otherwise your words (or pleas!) simply become white noise. The good news is that focus can be trained and once you have your dog’s attention, anything is possible.  Here are a couple…(Read More)

dog training in cheltenham

Humans LOVE talking to their dogs!  But are words the most effective way to communicate? It may seem a glib point but your dog doesn’t speak English; in fact he or she doesn’t speak at all!  Body language is your dog’s natural communication tool.  That’s why, if you watch some of…(Read More)