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Are you finding training your dog or puppy challenging?! Here are two words to make things easier for you… S-L-O-W   D-O-W-N S-L-O-W D-O-W-N And I mean slow everything down:  The speed you talk to your dog, the speed you walk your…(Read More)

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I meet lots of caring, committed dog owners … who unwittingly feed their dogs or puppies total cr*p!   Crafty manufacturers do not make it easy for us to decipher their ingredients labels. So, here are some pointers to help you analyse those labels and sort the good, the bad and the truly revolting. Advertising…(Read More)

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I was working with a lovely client and her 10 week puppy when she asked: “Do dogs like belly rubs?  Because when I take my puppy to work, the staff like petting him but in response, Rover often throws himself on his back, showing his tummy and starts squirming about.  Do you think…(Read More)

Separation Anxiety

How does your dog cope being left alone? Canine separation anxiety is now widely recognised. If you’ve been through this with your own dog or know someone who has, you’ll understand how emotionally draining it is for both dog and human. Seeing any animal in distress is heart breaking and, for the human…(Read More)

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I was watching Graham Norton the other week and delighted that Will Smith was on (love that man!)  Mr Smith told various anecdotes, in his inimitable style but the one that lodged in my head was this: “Luck? There’s no such thing as ‘luck’. Luck is when opportunity meets preparation”  Here’s the clip…(Read More)

Ever wondered how your dog sees life? We tried to imagine – anthropomorphism warning! Here’s what our resident ‘expert’ told us on why maybe it’s the humans that need a bit more training … Gerry, 4yr Collie Cross “Walkies!” Ahh, that word is music to my ears.  Fresh air, a cornucopia of smells, a…(Read More)

Let’s talk about dogs, humans & emotional baggage … Picture from Picture the scene: You’ve dashed from work, braved rush hour traffic and arrived – a little flustered – at Puppy Class.  You apologise for being late and scuttle in to find your seat. Then you rustle frantically in your bag to get…(Read More)

Fresh, whole foods – provide valuable nutrition to your pet and serve as a tasty snack/treat. Small bites of cheese, ham, chicken work well.As do raw almonds and cashews (for bigger dogs) and raw sunflower seeds (for smaller dogs). homemade dog treats by Gemma Organic fruits and veg…(Read More)

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These Games Are Better!   What games do you play with your dog when you’re in the park or on a walk? Dogs are said to be ‘gods of frolic’ because they love playing games!  But they love it even more when they can make choices about how to play. Let me explain:  Most…(Read More)

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“When we are training our dogs we can often stay in our comfort zone, doing the things our dogs are already good at. Sometimes this is looked upon as showing off, but I think it’s often more a fear of failure.  Becoming skilled at something feels great and it takes guts to go…(Read More)