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Stop Jumping Up!


If your dog is an ‘eager greeter’ and jumps all over people, here’s a nifty training game to keep Fido’s paws firmly on the floor… Traditional wisdom says that to stop a dog jumping up, you ignore the errant behaviour ie you turn your back each time Fido jumps up.  That sometimes works…(Read More)

This workshop is all about teaching your dog a reliable recall.   Walking with your dog should be a relaxing way to spend an hour or two … but if your dog doesn’t come when you call, then walks can become stressful rather than stress free.  This workshop gives you games and techniques to help…(Read More)

Dog training GL50

  Dazzle your family and friends, teach your dog some cool new tricks! “Trickmeister” A fantastic dog trick training workshop that’s oodles of fun and a superb way to improve your dog’s focus.  And as better focus gives you better control, trick training can be a fun route to better doggie manners … plus…(Read More)

If you want your dog’s training to really improve, think about how you use “The 3Ds” –  Distance, Duration, Distraction.  The 3 D’s come into play in every dog or puppy training exercise and the better you manipulate them, the more effective your dog’s training will be.  Here’s a quick guide to…(Read More)