What will your puppy learn?

The “Puppy Improvers” course is designed to build on what you learned at ‘Puppy School‘ (or equivalent course) in a fun and friendly group environment.  During the 6 weeks, you’ll learn how to teach your dog a range of new skills like a retrieve, distance cues, polite play and scentwork. You’ll also learn how to progress base behaviours such as lead walking, recall and impulse control.  Plus we have the ‘Trickmeister’ so you can teach your dog some fun new tricks!   At the end of the 6 week course, you’ll have a stronger partnership with your dog and for your life together.

The “Puppy Improvers” syllabus:

  • Focus exercises because better focus =better trainingakita-cropped-for-a6-brochure
  • Recall – games to build a reliable recall cue, as your dog matures
  • Retrieve – a great way to play with your dog
  • Impulse control games
  • Distance cues – eg ‘send to mat’
  • Lead walking past distractions
  • Polite play – teaching your dog to ‘drop’ and ‘take’ items on cue
  • Scentwork – an excellent way to keep your dog busy … and out of mischief!
  • Trickmeister!  Teach your dog fun new tricks


6 week course – £90

  • The “Puppy Improvers” course is for young dogs who have completed ‘Puppy School’ training (or equivalent)
  • The course is ideal for dogs aged 6 months and above.
  • Classes have a maximum of 8 dogs to ensure you and your dog receive lots of individual attention.
  • The course includes 6 x 1hr lessons as well as after class support via phone or email.
  • Your puppy  will receive a certificate for completing the course.


Classes: Are taught by Joy Matthews, a Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer.

Where & When:

  • Leckhampton: The Scout Hut, 207 Leckhampton Rd, GL53 0BX,  Sundays @ 5.45pm
  • Guiting Power:  The village hall, Guiting Power, Church Lane, GL54 5TX,  Thursdays @ 5.30pm 

Registration Form & How To Book:reg

Please click here for the online Registration form.  Once I have received your form, I’ll be in touch to complete the booking process for your dog!